Northern Cardinal, Herons

Northern Cardinal, Herons, a House Sparrow

Jay C. Theriot

Posthumously Honoring the Tomato Worm

Egret in Treeline – first attempt, new lens

Egret in Tree Line.  This is my first attempt at shooting non-stellar object with my 500mm lens.  I learned a lesson — higher shutter speeds are king.  Even with a tripod.  Unfortunately, my body pooped out before I could finish my session with the higher shutter speeds.  I will make the correction and will no doubt produce better stellar and Earth-based photos because of the experience.

Mississippi Kite


These guys and gals are hanging out in a tree just off of my property.  I apologize for the lack of focus, my lens kept fogging over with the humidity.  I’ve got to get better at letting them adjust to ambient temperature.

Mississippi Kite

Pelican Slides

This shoot was the first with my step-mother.  She encouraged me, then, to start exploring what I could do. The date was October 17th, 2017.

2018 August 6 – A Few Fauna

We have mosquito hawks, common house sparrow and a silhouette of a ruby-throated humming bird.  For my sister, Tina, when she recovers from the anesthesia.

Ruby Throated Hummingbird

2018 July 29th, Rainy Day

A nice rainy day didn’t stop a few friends from visiting.